Hi!  We’re Wendy and Craig.

Trailer FlippersAfter doing a lot of backpacking and tent camping throughout the West, we decided to kick things up a notch and try a trailer. The older you get, the less you feel like sleeping on the ground! Craig had a pop-up trailer when his kids were young and felt like it was just too much work to set up, take down and maintain.  So we looked for something small that we could tow with our Tahoe.

We found a super-clean 1988 Lynx Prowler on craigslist.com, offered for sale by a sweet retired couple, Tom and Connie. Tom was a former government heavy equipment mechanic and Connie drove a school bus for 17 years.  They spent a lot of time with us when we bought the trailer, Tom showing Craig how all of the systems worked and Connie showing Wendy all of the things she had done to make the trailer her home away from home.  Sadly, Tom wasn’t really interested in camping and Connie seemed a little heartbroken to let the trailer go. She even offered to tag along on one of our trips!

We named the trailer TomCon and got started on making it our home away from home.  We camped in Northern Arizona, Colorado and Utah, with the dogs and without.  Trailer life was a great fit! But, we loved the makeover process so much that we decided to sell TomCon and start a new project. TomCon sold in a day and we started our hunt for our next trailer renovation.  And that’s how Trailer Flippers began.