1. L.Justus

    This so inspiring !!!!
    I am thinking of purchasing a trailer just like this only the 25′ version. This has given me a great vision. Bookmarking your blog. thanks !

  2. Lynette

    I just purchased this exact same trailer and we are going to remodel it, these pictures have given me a lot of inspiration. I love what you did, but I am curious how you made the bed that way, that is the vision I have for ours but I want to make sure I do it the right way, any advice would be appreciated.

    • admin

      The previous owners of the trailer stripped down the upholstered folding bed/couch to the metal frame and then put plywood over it and the mattress on top. I will post pictures of the frame so you can see what it looks like. We added the wood trim piece.

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